Sunday, May 30, 2010

Happy To Ride-Ipoh Jamboree 2010 (30/05/2010)

Mapsource Map distance covered 39.6 km

Google Map time taken 4hrs 05mins 56sec

track elevation profile

finishing medal NO:239/1062 registered

participation certificate, t-shirt, food coupons & goodie bag with rider NO.:975

jamboree banner

sin 975 & or hooi 976

at Giant bike stall displays by Sin Boon Seng of Guar Cempedak

sin ready at the jamboree banner

riders warming up

the view at the starting point back

at the right two riders from SPMTB

Or Hooi & Sin at the starting point

front row

sin at the starting point

back view again more riders are getting excited

after 3.5 km reaching the first hill climbing

view taken from down hill

MTB (mari tolak bicycle) nearly 1 km

can the see riders ascending the other hill

bare hill and scorching sun

down hill

station 1 water filling station & bananas

the bionic man back me

up hill again after crossing the stream

at the bridge above the stream

after station 2 up hill this girl should be Ms Jane over take me

even this rider push over take me

at station 3

water refilling station and limited banana

at the finishing line

collection goodie station

cut the rider plate corner after goodie being collected

over night rain track was soggy

Giant display stall

other bike accesaries stalls

motorcross marshal

Raja Bukit trophies male & female

top 10 prizes

best lucky draw prizes

helmet luck draw prizes

jersey not sure for who

hampers for luck drew

long waiting at chicken rice stall

fish ball soup lady

chicken rice

Friday, May 28, 2010

Revisit Pantai Merdeka-Tanjung Dawai Trail (28/05/2010)

Google earth

Google map

Mapsource map
total distance covered is 78.6km & time is 7hrs 51mins 52sec @ average speed of 10km/h

just 4 riders turn out after long talking

Keat, Poh & Tak all ready for the ride

after 18 km reached Tikam Batu have breakfast

roti canai telur


the coffee stall at the junction of Tikam Batu & Batu Lintang

Poh after the breakfast to Kota Kuala Muda

Keat happily smiling all the way

Keat with his new bike Scott Scale 40'09

4 adventurers

the brickwall artifact beside the wall monument

historical house around Kota Kuala Muda
beware the house keeper

chinese temple

tsunami monument at Kampung Sungai Muda

Sin & Tak their seccond trip

house that hits by tsunami


Poh & Tak


Kampung Tepi Sungai market

whispering the tender

sea cracks

small fishs & prawn

buyer whispering the sum to the seller

Tak whispering something else to Sin

at Kampung Tepi Sungai

we reached there too early & the mee udang is not ready
so we have a cup of cold lemon juice

see warm the weather

some self photo taking

Keat having his smoking section

Yaakob Hashim Mee Ugand Segar

Good scenery & posting from "Tak the milk man"

Honda Keat

Engineer Poh

Sin the organiser

we reached Pantai Merdeka around 11.25pm

water filling area

WW2 British watching bunker

waiting for the boat to cross to Tanjung Dawai
the tide is high and wave are strong not boat is operating

so we went to have Pantai Merdeka rojak

at the resting hut

sea eels

waiting for the boat to take us to Tanjung Dawai at the fishing village
other side of Pantai Mederka

boarding the boat

imagine how happy is Poh talking to Tak when he managed to board the boat

the boat ran out of fuel waiting to keeper refuelling
"Atan" the boat man 013-4703233

each person charge RM5.00 with bicycle

the scenery

Keat unloading his bicycle at Tanjung Dawai Jetty

Keat helping Poh's bicycle

Poh advised Tak how to unloads his bicycle

Chooi Peng Seafood

mud crab

water mantis

fried meehoon & steamed shark meat

how they finished the meal

Poh after the lunch from Tanjung Dawai

Keat also on the way

not forgeting Tak

reached Bandar Laguna Merbok club house safe & soundly

Poh auditing the trip expenses