Sunday, August 22, 2010

Cycle Of Hope (22/08/2010)

Cycle of Hope is a charity ride mission

2000km from Bangkok to Seremban

sole rider Mr Chiang Sia Sia

we supposed to ride up to Alor Setar and join the ride back to
Sungai Petani but the morning rain had slow us down and we
only catch up with Mr Chiang at Sungai Limau.

this picture is where we intercept with Chiang

the ride continues

the foods we has at Guar Chempedak

everybody was enjoying the foods

Mr Chiang briefing his trip

a short rest

Mr Chiang checking his speed meter

we reached the destination and all we can say to Mr Chiang is
all best and safe journey back home. Cheers.

Friday, August 13, 2010

Campaign For A Lane Ride

Round Penang Island Ride

jersey provided if register for 80km ride

12th AUGUST, 2010, 2 pm
Following our 10th August meeting, we have received official letter from the CM office confirming that the Chief Minister will come to ride with us for the Round Island! He will arrive at 645 am and ride along with the Round Island 80 Km category at 7.00 am. Well.............he would love to cycle with us the whole 80 Km but unfortunately he has a plane to catch at 815 am. Hence, he will ride will us from the Esplanade (Padang Kota) to Weld Quay which is about a kilometre away and wave us off from there. Well if this is not good enough surprise and good news, this maybe. We have almost managed to get a sponsor for CM's bike on that day and rest assure it will be fit for a CM to ride and this bike will be the GRAND PRIZE for the event. So IF you won the lucky draw you may have a CM BIKE. We may persuade him to autograph the bike.

What an exciting event and more riders has been lured in to joint the ride even buying new bicycle. As BLMer representatives would like to welcome and wishes all the best to all the new comer. Hopefully they will stand long and enjoy the fun with the club.

For the round the island ride the following are the confirmed riders :-
  1. Tak the milkman
  2. Keat the bouncer
  3. Poh the engineer
  4. Seng the siamese
  5. Pin the busy man
  6. Ben the gadget man
  7. Choon the towkay
  8. Sin the organiser
  9. Simon the ok man
  10. Boon Liang the ballon man
  11. Or Hooi the iron man
  12. Teoh the slow motion man
  13. Chuah the kalut
  14. Chua the datuk
  15. Ken the "say han kia"
  16. Oh
  17. Tony Gooi

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Nibong Tebal Jamboree (01/08/2010)

Nibong Tebal Jamboree 01/08/2010

jamboree track

track elevation profile

group photo at seng's house but without Or Hooi

this without Teoh

and this without Choon & Simon

at the collective centre checking the goodie bags

all the goodie bags displayed at the centre's floor

whats' in the goodie bag

preparation & discussion before the jamboree day

packing up the bicycles

Tak is instructing how to packed up the bicycles

lastly he checking the final work

and it is how the bicycles been packed

about 30% of the jersey collected the zip are not working
what are they discussing

breakfast at Juru R&R

mostly nasi lemak & goreng meehoon

this fellow seem to shown he have two fried eggs

arriving at the campus & final checking own bike

before the jamboree

at the starting line

waiting for the starting siren

Pin taking his energy gel for extra power

Tak, Poh & Seng

Ken & Boon Liang

Simon & Chuah

Ben Lim & Tak

back view

Ben Lim, Sin & Keat

first jammed entering the kampong road

first pushing uphill

first stream crossing

first water filling & banana station

this crossing the shoe sure got wet

man-made plywood bridge

at the most peak hill

this method is the fastern to get dehydrated

dangerous downhill

resting spot before going further uphill

Sin got 407 placing

Seng shown off his medal 523

this lady help us to took the morning group photo

Pin's medal 637

this little boy managed to completed the jamboree
together with his father showing his finishing medal

Teoh first timer and with his new bike managed to completed with
finishing medal

Ben Lim managed to completed the jamboree & for those who
finished in front of Sin could not has their picture taken so here
are the list of finishing Or Hooi medal 69, Choon medal 226,
Kalut Chuah 235, Tak medal 278, Keat medal 333, Ken Medal 372,
Poh medal 419 and Simon finished station 1.

some casualty happen to one of our rider

Choon showing the injury

other landed in the waiting ambulan

packing up against

lucku draw

lucky draw only eligible for rider who complete the jamboree