Sunday, September 11, 2011

Campaign FoR A Lane 2011

preparing for tomorrow ride....

packing up the bikes

goodies except the jersey size getting smaller

4.25am reached Simon's house

last bike to be pack

breakfast at Taman Sejati mamak shop foods expansive

talking about how to finish the race....

still raining at Penang Bridge toll

friend need to go toilet......

BLMer group that came for the ride 14 of them

Chief minister signing on the lucky draw bike

not bad first time standing so near with CM

first Sin takes 3hrs 31mins

second Boon Liang 3hrs 34mins

third Seng 3hrs 36mins

fourth Keat 3hrs 38mins

fifth Tak 3hrs 49mins

sixth Oh 3hrs 59mins

seventh Teoh 4hrs 14mins

eighth Kalut Chuah 4hrs 17mins

nineth Poh 4hrs 27mins

tenth Lim 4hrs 34mins

eleventh Simon 4hrs 43mins

twelveth Ken Lim 4hrs 34mins

thirteenth Pin 4hrs 55mins

fourteenth Ben Lim 4hrs 56mins

relax & resting...........

what they called MPSP.........

ready to go back

finishing medal

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

BM MTB Carnival 2011

distance stated 45 km
officially jersey provided

our group number plate listing........

trail covered 80% dirt 20% road

Sunday Ride (04/09/2011)

main road at Permaipura Golf & Country Club
all the dying bikes

huge group 43 riders

at Kalut Hill

a historic day

at Dog Hill

waiting time

after the bridge

after this Kow Lan Hill

on top Kow Lan Hill......