Thursday, September 30, 2010

Shimano UUM Bike Challange Official Jersey

Front View

Back View

Arm Warmer is your if register before 10th Oct' 2010

electronic sensor to carry during the ride

Official and confirmed to register the ride are the following rider :
  1. Choon NCN
  2. Tak
  3. Poh
  4. Ken Lim
  5. Seng CTC
  6. Teoh
  7. Ben Lim
  8. Pin
  9. Keat
  10. Boon Liang
  11. Simon
  12. Tony
  13. Sin

All registered on 02/10/2010

Sunday, September 26, 2010

BLMer's Moon Cake Festival

pot luck at Siam Seng's house and the only lantern lighted
out during the festival

the BLMer

some of the biker's wifes

waiting for the guests arrive

they are discussing something

drink is serve while waiting

foods start serving & can found varieties of food

eating time

seng introducing his thai laksa delicacy

everybody is munching & enjoying their food

rain stopped & managed to lighted up the candle a while

you can see the foods occupy the whole table

trouble satay chicken & beef 800 pieces was strangle to finish

fried mee/meehoon & chicken meat

jelly, sandwich, cheese bun & chew choo kwah
japanese food suki

local fruits

some cake

leng gau th'ng

thai laksa soup

laksa noodle

fish sauce chicken leg

thai style mangoes salad

hailam style fried chicken meat

more fruits papaya, pineapple & grapes

home cooked thong sway
BLMer would like to said thank you to Siam Seng for his hospitality to let us to used his house
for the moon cake festival. The turn out for this event was very greatful and success even though its was a raining day. They only managed to lighted up one lantern for the whole event maybe because there have varieties of foods to enjoy......

Cheers...........hopefully we will meet again next year

Sunday, September 12, 2010



BREAKING NEWS from GClub; Dato' Seri Stephen Yeap, Director of CIMB Bank will be flagging off the Chief Minister and the 2023 round island participants !!!

On our Tuesday combined meeting between RELA, St John Ambulance and Girl Guides representatives, The Rotary Club of Tg Bungah and the G Club have finalised the arrangement with the 3 establishments. There will be 4 ambulances positioned in strategic places i.e places that are prone to accident. There will be 70 St John personnels including paramedics, first aiders, 2 motorbike paramedics, 2 St John ambulances and a handful of Radio Signal personnels. 7 Radio Signal Unit Stations cum first aid stations will be positioned throughout the round island route. The St John Radio Signal Team will play a very crucial role in establishing rapid response in case of emergeny in mobilising the ambulances, motorbike paramedics and also the medical personnels based at the nearest stations. A Rotarian or G Club member will also be at the base station monitoring the whole round island route with feedbacks from the 7 stations. (PLEASE REFER TO MAP ABOVE)

As for the Girl Guides, we are requesting from the Girl Guide Commissioner for 60 guides to help out in distributing drinks at our 5 water stations ( 3 along the round island route, 1 at Quayside and 1 at padang kota) and also helping out at the event site. (PLEASE REFER TO MAP ABOVE)

As for the RELA, their representative has pledged to provide 160 personnels. They will be distributed throughout the round island route and the fun ride route at crucial dangerous junctions and accident prone area. (PLEASE BEAR IN MIND YOU HAVE TO OBEY ALL TRAFFIC RULES INCLUDING TRAFFIC LIGHT) They have proved very useful last year in maintaining safe riding.

There will be a FELLOWSHIP NIGHT on the 16th October for all cylclists to meet up esp since we have a lot of outstation people. It will be free of charge with free drinks courtesy from our patron at a swanky place. Stay tune to find out more...............

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Shimano UUM Bike Challenge 2010

Organised by Xtreme Bike ( Giant) Alor Setar (Lot No. L3-2, Level 3@ Souq Al-Bukhary Commercial Centre, No. 1, Jalan Tun Abdul Razak, 05200 Alor Setar, Kedah Darul Aman, Malaysia) on Saturday 6th November 2010. Venue will be at UUM, Sintok, Kedah same as last year but this year the fee slightly expensive which also have to pay extra for deposit. This challenge cover two event road and cross country distance cover 90 km and 60 km respectively.

For this event I feel it will be sucessful b'cos from the previous event also my first jamboree was held very sucessfully except the over night rain spoiled the track.

So BLMers why not we register-lah............. cheer

Campaign For A Lane Route

campaign for a lane ride

round Penang island route plan