Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Kayuh Lasak '2010

Kayuh Lasak 12-12-2010

you can noticed last year elevation profile had no flat road at the
middle of the track either ascending or descending only

Riders managed to register are as follows:-
  1. Tak
  2. Honda Keat
  3. Sin

Kuala Kangsar Mtb Jamboree '2010

Kuala Kangsar Mtb Jamboree '2010

the organising mtb club

the map for the destination & mtb track

event jersey

the confirmation namelist for the event.....

Monday, October 18, 2010

Campaign For A Lane (17/10/2010)

what is inside the goodies bag

17th goodies bags

collection goodies bag at Simon'house

Ken read out the rider's name & number

Keat checking his goodies bag

Ben trying to appreciate the goodies

are they dicussing the Fuji bike or other thing

up loading & packing the bike for tomorrow journey

Poh helping up Pin's bike number

this is the more expensive bike in the group

custom made thule

one work all see hey... watch out my new bike

Tony pointing do'nt put near my new Scott-lah

final checking from Ah Pin

the other truck final checking by Boon Liang & Simon

8 mountain bikes
Appreciation Photographs by others

Tony happily reached the final point

Simon ada gaya

Boon Liang look OK

Keat smilling all the way

Boon Liang your certificate upside down

kalut Chua