Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Our picture in What Mountain Bike Magazine July Edition

We had our sunday ride picture posted in What Mountain Bike magazine No.123 July edition. This magazine is from United Kingdom and could be showing our picture half the globe. The picture is taken during our sunday ride to sungai puntar rubber plantation hill.

Again will send more pictures.............

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Mountain Bike Size Calculator

click on the above picture it will take you to mountain bike size calculator

or click on the table chart it will show you the mountain bike size suitable for you

This is where you can calculates your bike size or basic requirement to starts mountain biking. Its will shown you your frame and crank size if you know your height and leg length.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

BM MTB CARNIVAL (16/10/2011)

click on the picture for more detail

Did you noticed recently that the registration fee is getting a bit higher nowday or could its become a commercialize event. Any where any place mountain biking is in the trend and the organiser surely easily get the participants for the event.

But due to enthusiastic to ride and gathering atmosphere we have not choice but to participant the event. Hopefully the event is focus on mountain biking not making money...............definitely alot agree with me.

Below are the following confirmed participants :-

01.) Ooi Gate Sing
02.) Ken Lim
03.) Teoh Boon Hooi
04.) Poh Kong Chin
05.) Lean Chi Tak
06.) Tai Chai Keat
07.) Lee Boon Liang
08.) Simon Chin
09.) Lim Kow Siang
10.) Eng Cheng Hooi
11.) Ny Yeok Choon
12.) Kuah Tee Peng
13.) Sin Yong Lim
14.) Oh Ah Leong

Monday, June 6, 2011

Hatyai Mountain Bike Jamboree 2011

the jamboree start point

the gangs that went for the ride

Pin have to stayed other hotel last minute booking

prepare to go for the ride at the hotel last night the bike kept in the room

buffet breakfast at the hotel

Pin join in the group

really have a good makan

also from stayed from other hotel

group friend together

good posting

unpacking the bikes

unloading the bikes

pressure check

the starting point scene

big man giving speed before flag off but in thai language

first jam at the bridge

beautiful shoot from pin

at the check point

downhill track

Pin showing good sign

Simon doing good

how come pin came back with his guy

Seng happly finished ride

Pin with the girl selling mosquito repellent

Pin finishs with style

Simon not sweat

packing again time to go back

every thing really

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Hatyai Mtb Jamboree (04/06/2011)

previous year 2010 riders

previous year Hatyai Jamboree '2010

above video clip at 1min 52 sec you can see BLMer rider

Hatyai Mtb Jamboree 2011

track elevation profile distance cover 41.4 kilo

upon registration jersey iss free

t-shirt also free

Confirm participant riders are as follow:-

  1. Simon Chin

  2. Lee Boon Liang

  3. Ooi Gate Sing

  4. Sin Yong Lim

  5. Kuah Tee Peng

  6. Tai Chai Keat

  7. Eng Cheng Hooi

Sunday Ride

10 riders meet at usual place Lorong BLM 4/7 padang @ 7.30am

suppose to ride cross the bridge

any how some others also walk through the bridge

and again follows by others

today ride tyre puncture happened to one of the ride bike

owner of the bike managed to replaced the inner tube by himself

secong try managed to crossed the bridge without difficulty

no swear just like eating a biscuit

nothing just a piece of cake and we meet Zul here from Modenas

what happening the yellow head

resting at do not what station

showing off his golf swing

@ SJK(T) Ladang Sungai Bongkoh, Bedong, Kedah

@ in front tamil school

some went to canteen to buy drinks

tired and lost the way back

today weather warm and dry

got lost takes one round back to harvard in the palm oil plantation

@ SJK (T) Ladang Harvard filled up water

today distance ride covered 53.97 kilo