Friday, September 28, 2012

Gunung Jerai Ride 23-09-2012

group photo at the hill bottom
6.47am the convoy proceed to the destination
Gurun arh bak koay teow th'ng
hill bottom height elevation is 7m
Holy Teoh 1hr 32min
Captain Sin 1hr 34min
Honda Keat 1hr 35min
Scrap Low 1hr 40min
Milk Tak 1hr 52min
 Engineer Poh 1hr 54min
Say Han Kia 1hr 55min
Safety Pin 2hr 15min
 BH Toh 2hr 20min
BL 2hr 27min
 Oh Ah Leong 2hr 29min
KS Lim 2hr 35min
 Simon Chin 2hr 52min
"Gangnam Style" group photo at the peak
after refreshment
time to leave the place
lunch at Gurun town
unpack at Simon's house

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

CFAL4 09-09-2012

 at the Beach Street clock tower round about
 group photo 16 riders
missed out 2 riders
4.18am gathered at Simon's house
final check and the bikes was packed yesterday 
 everything was in prefect order
 everyone are perfect on time
breakfast at Green Lane Mc Donald 24hr outlet
waiting anxiously for their turn 
burger are the main favour orders 
can't managed to the starting point 
captain sin
Ng Yeok Choon 
Safety Pin 
KS Lim
Oh Ah Leong & Ken Lim they finished together 
Saimon Chin 
Ken Lim's friend Sam
Ben Lim 
Captain with his elder brother 
Captain Sin younger brother 
free time & lucky draw session

Sunday, September 2, 2012

Khao Nam Khang Tunnel Ride 01-09-2012

the convoy picture 4 riders from Butterworth and 8 from BLMer
5.38am we reached our meeting point
 we reached the CTC money changer and coffee on the house
 new CRV carry 1 bike, the other CRV 4 bikes and the trunk carry7 bikes
 at the Malaysia custom declaration department
 at The Thai custom for vehicle declaration
 we reached Sadao for breakfast
 miniture yew char kuek
 porridge with meat, liver and eggs " Kaw tum"
 pork pau
 at the porridge shop they can't recede
 with the stomach full of foods 
 everyone are excited to go
 waiting for some riders got lost
 friend from Butterworth
 Wah from Butterworth
 Also from Butterworth
 Kong from Butterworth
 Scrap Low
 Siam Seng
 KS Lim
 Simon Chin
 Boon Liang
 our new member Toh
 Engineer Poh
 Captain Sin
 support car provide cool soft drink this is the point where the road start ascending 
 this part is the highest peak of all ride
 Boon Liang's rear tyre puncture
 the T junction to the tunnel and you can see the asending road when going back
 main road at the junction
 at the entrance still 2 more kilo to the tunnel
 reached the tunnel
 refreshment time for some rider
 some went in touring the historist tunnel
 some take picture
 ex-communist 2 from salak south and 1 from padang lembu
 exhausted rider due to the heat
 leg cramped rider