Monday, July 16, 2012

SP Saza Mountain Bike Jamboree 14/07/2012

our group photo

at frontline scenery

at backline scenery

at the starting point and flagoff 7.49am

one of the climbing hill
they called Bukit Pengsan

our group first to finish Tak Milk Man finishing medal 185

second Honda Keat finishing medal 198

third Captain Sin finishing medal 218 (2hr 23min)

fourth Holy Teoh finishing medal 252 (2hr 27min)

fifth Engineer Poh finishing medal 254 (2hr 27min)

sixth Scrap Low finishing medal 255 (2hr 27min)

seventh Choon NCN finishing medal 366 (2hr 40min)

eigth Siam Seng finishing medal 373 (2hr 41min)

tenth Kent Lim finishing medal 377 (2hr 42min)

eleventh Safety Pin finishing medal 474 (2hr 50min)

twelfth Boon Liang 2hr 57min

thirteenth Oh 2hr 58min

fourteenth KS Lim 3hr 23min

fifteenth Simon Chin 3hr 37min

sixteenth Ben Lim 3hr 43min

after the ride

track profile and with 1353 participants

google earth track distance 42 km