Saturday, July 24, 2010

Gunung Jerai Trip July'2010

Gunung Jerai ride track from the bottom hill to the peak of television tower

the ride track elevation profile

the place where we have our breakfast Restoran Thaian Hoe
also the place to have "arh bak koay teow th'ng"

the curry rice bought by Keat from pekan lama

the foursome against conquer the hill Honda Keat,
Milk man Tak, Engineer Poh & Sin the organiser

Keat took 2 hrs 07mins to reached the resort gate and have to
stopped twice at kilometer 6 and muzium

Poh also had to stopped at the same place with Keat and managed to
reached the resort gate with 2hrs 08mins. For Tak I really forgot to
take his picture when he reached the gate but anyhow he reached
the place with 1hrs 42mins and Sin 1hrs 37mins.

this are how they look like and ready for second stage
the television tower all the way uphill 1.5 kilometer.

reached the television tower and also a restriction area

taking a short rest after conquering the climb

is the picture of the route to Bujang muzium from the peak

Sin had no choice to ask to take this picture

dying bikes............

abandoned house could be the guard house

some posting at the muzium

after the rider we had our dinner at Cha Kok guar chempedak
and this are the food we ordered tau yew too kar, pei kut law por
th'ng, char khor kuah & steamed teoh chew grouper head

this is how we finished the food for replacing the calories we burnt
all in plus 2 packages of too kar poi cost RM138.00

Cheers from BLMer Mtb Club
"keep on pedalling"