Sunday, March 27, 2011

Malaysian Gold Jamboree (27/03/2011)

Malaysian Gold Jamboree 2011

prizes & gifts to give away

elevation profile & 46 kilos track

inside goodies bag & finishing medal

ready to start the journey

4.00am still raining

RM10.00 breakfast at Juru rest toll

we had our breakfast there...very expensive

reached Bukit Merah jamboree car park

getting ready for the ride

11 registered riders only 5 turn out for the ride

except second from the right is our friend
the scene before the flag-off

the politician appearance

a first asending hill

flood tracks at oil palm plantation

flood knee height level that wasted alot time there

which side to take wet or dry lane

Poh taking the wet lane

Sin finished 743 & Poh 846

Boon Liang finished easily

Lim a very happy man after completing his
second jamboree

Simon also managed to complete easily

dying & exhuasted bikes lying everywhere

free & compliment drink from Vico

how the bike 2067 look like after the ride from Sin

bike 2063 from Poh

bike 2064 & 2071 from Boon Liang & Lim respectively

bike 2070 from Simon

our jamboree buffet lunch

Poh enjoying the food

canvas tent place for lunch

packing for leaving

& last photo session

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Kulim International Mtb Jamboree 2011

held on 1st May 2011 "Labour Day"

the track elevation profile

distance covered 50 kilo at KTC Hi-Tech park

jersey provided free upon registration

BLMer riders are confirmed going to participant the jamboree organised by Danish Adventure Management Event. Confirmed riders are as follow :-
  1. Boon Liang
  2. Simon
  3. Honda Keat
  4. Engineer Poh
  5. Milk Tak
  6. CNC Choon
  7. Lim KS
  8. Sin

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Sunday Morning Ride

( L-R)Oh,Boon Liang,Poh,Simon,Sin,Keat,Teoh,Tak & Lim

meet up at Laguna Lrg BLM 4/7 padang car park

distance covered 36.1 kilo kg kongsi 6 & sungai puntar

the track elevation profile

the road to Permaipura GCC

some tar road

kampong kongsi 6

some gurun jerai view

rest point

passed through rubber plantation

concrete bridge

palm oil plantation

up hill track from Jerai Jamboree

a challenging up hill

a mental determination track

at last tired faces

against some gunung jerai view & also Harvard GCC

chicken farming

kampong sungai Puntar

colonial houses in the middle of plantation