Saturday, November 27, 2010

Jerai Mountain Bike Jamboreee '2011

Jerai Mountain Bike Jamboree

JMJ track

track profile elevation

jersey for the jamboree

We going to participate Jerai Mountain Bike Jamboree '2011 and the confirmed riders are as follow :-
  1. Seng CTC
  2. Tak
  3. Poh
  4. Simon
  5. Boon Liang
  6. Tony Gooi
  7. Pin
  8. Oh
  9. Teoh
  10. Honda Keat
  11. Sin
  12. Choon
  13. Ben Lim
  14. Kalut Chuah
  15. Ken Lim

    make a gif
    Make a gif

    make a gif
    Make a gif ...................Rider's number plate

And the rest of them we need to persuade or sweet talk to them.......... more participant means more merrier. Hopefully at the end everybody will make it. See you guy there..............

Monday, November 22, 2010

Shimano UUM Bike Challenge (21-11-2010)

Shimano UUM Bike Challenge 2010

inside the goodies bag

unfinished track elevation without station 4 ride

official result but not proper recorded

track from mapsource

google earth track unfinished distance covered 45.4 km

packing at Simon's house

the person in-charge packing the bicycle

too early to do warm up

ready to ride

breakfast at changlun coffee shop

all wondering how is the track

hakka mee

speacial order

BLMer riders

at the parking lot

waiting for friend

at the starting point

at the briefing ground

meet friends from sungai petani

ready to start

one of the descending track

Pin looking good

Keat with his bike & Sin's puncture inner tube

moment of struggling began here

strength and mental recovering

front is the second last hill to ascend

after the descends some had

after the jamboree

ready to leave UUM

laksa at teluk kecai after lunch at jitra

how dirty the bike after the jamboree

Friday, November 12, 2010

Night Ride to Tupah to see Firefly

this road lead to the Tupah Resevoir

totally darkness no street light

reached the resevoir

jia yan & sin

managed to see a few firefly

midway stopped to glimpse firefly

makan time at semeling town

Robert's fish head noodle best in town

prawn & tau foo rolls with chilli paste

char oh fun

char ee mee