Tuesday, June 15, 2010

NTMTBA '2010

Where ever we may roam.......Wonder? Across the state of Penang, Kedah n Perak n step foot for a while is something that you are gonna to miss these years if you're not registered Now!

Brought to you by, MOUNTAIN PEDAL'ARS a.k.a GerekGunung dan Universiti Sains Malaysia

Jersey jamboree NTMTBA'10

Today 17th June 2010 rider agreed to participates the above jamboree are as follow:-
  1. Or Hooi
  2. Pin
  3. Seng CTC
  4. Kalut Chuah
  5. Tak
  6. Keat
  7. Poh
  8. Sin
By 21/06/2010 another few riders decided to joint the crowd

9. Ken Lim
10. Ben Lim
11. Simon Chin
12. Choon NCN
13. Teoh BH

The registration of participation are confirmed click here to check your number plate at the namelist for the jamboree ride.

Cheers to all the participants from BLMer Mountain Club.

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Hatyai Jamboree 2010 (12/06/2010)

Hatyai Mtb Jamboree 2010

Google map track covered 50.2 km

track elevation profile

jamboree goodies

went to organizer shop to collect goodies

Tek & Lee checking the goodie bags

early morning view from BP Tower Hotel

this how we transport our bikes to hatyai imagines this car carry 4 bikes

Tek final tunning the bike for Or Hooi

Tek helping tunning up his frined bike again

Or Hooi, Sin, Lee, Tek & padang serai friend

Sin at the starting point (held at Municipal City Park Hatyai)

look like the jamboree is held for Malaysian about 70-80% are
Malaysian rider

ever the the city mayor is here to start off & news crew

the green jersey riders are from Patani Thailand

down hill near the bird park

jersey from the jamboree

the pushing start from here

and many pushing yet to come

too steep and danger I had to pushed down the slope

first water refill station and of course bananaaaa

Sin at the finishing point 3hrs 35mins

photo session if you want the your picture it cost you 250 bahts &
will send to you

display of bike accessaries for sale

refreshment area after the long ride

Sin managed to finish, Padang Serai Friend completed at 97
and for Or Hooi at 65 placing completing below 100 placing will receive prizes

alot of fried meehoon

iced Leong Fun & bottle drink

thailand fried rice

hard boil eggs