Monday, October 8, 2012

Gurney Paragon Ride 07-10-2012

 avid and die hard BLMer riders
 bicycle packing at Scrap Low's house
 4.14am we start our journey
breakfast at Green Lane Mc Donald
 group photo at Gurney Drive walkway
at the registeration area
at the starting point
initial climb from Botanical Garden
reached Point 84
 Scrap Low
 look at the steep slope
some of the tarc road provide coordinates 
Road Choon
Holy Teoh
Honda Keat finished the ride even the chain snap 
BH Toh & Boon Liang finished together
 KS Lim exhausted look
Sam never ride before this kind of trail
but managed to complete
particicpants number plates

Monday, October 1, 2012

Gunung Jerai Ride2 30-09-2012

second week die hard riders 
 6.47am journey commence
reached Gurun arh bak koey teow th'ng place 
 Scrap Low 1hr 32min better than last week 8min
 Captain Sin 1hr 33min better than last week 1min
Holy Teoh 1hr 35min increased by 3min
Honda Keat 1hr 40min increased by 5min
BH Toh 2hr 9min better than last week 11min
Boon Liang 2hr 9min better than last week 18min 
Simon Chin 2hr 39min better than last week 13min
 accomplished ride group photo
3 riders from SP meet up at the peak
this foursome rode all the way from
sungai petani town to the peak
magnificent view toward north direction
alot of winding roads
 very shady road at any hour
 this Gunung Jerai big tree will be seem beside the road
time to pack and leave Gunung Jerai

Friday, September 28, 2012

Gunung Jerai Ride 23-09-2012

group photo at the hill bottom
6.47am the convoy proceed to the destination
Gurun arh bak koay teow th'ng
hill bottom height elevation is 7m
Holy Teoh 1hr 32min
Captain Sin 1hr 34min
Honda Keat 1hr 35min
Scrap Low 1hr 40min
Milk Tak 1hr 52min
 Engineer Poh 1hr 54min
Say Han Kia 1hr 55min
Safety Pin 2hr 15min
 BH Toh 2hr 20min
BL 2hr 27min
 Oh Ah Leong 2hr 29min
KS Lim 2hr 35min
 Simon Chin 2hr 52min
"Gangnam Style" group photo at the peak
after refreshment
time to leave the place
lunch at Gurun town
unpack at Simon's house