Sunday, January 16, 2011

Jerai Mountain Bike Jamboree 2011 (16/01/2011)

Jerai Mountain Bike Jmaboree 2011

Mapsource track distance 45.7 km

track elevation profile

lucky draw prizes

alot of lucky draws prize

trophy for winner

assemble at Simon's house

bicycle packing before leaving for breakfast

breakfast at Legenda Height 24 hour coffe shop

they have already completed their breakfast

waiting for the meal to deliver

having fast meal nasi lemak

Sin having his teh tarik

ready to ride

some friends

at the starting point

ascending the last hill

view downward from the asending hill

In our group Or Hooi reachs first follow by Kalut Chuah
and third is Sin

fourth is Honda Keat

fifth is Tak

6th is Poh

7th is Teoh

8th placing is Siam Seng

9th is Choon

10th placing is Ken Lim

11th placing is Oh

Pin is at 12th placing

Boon Liang is at 13th placing

Ben Lim is at 14th placing

Simon is 15th placing

could be the older rider 65 year old

exhausted rider

leg cramp rider

alot of leg cramp rider

also have exhausted bicycle

every where

overall of 1609 riders Kalut Chuah finished 173 placing

Sin 193 placing

Honda Keat 274 placing

Tak finished at 278 placing

Poh finished at 438 placing

Teoh at 443 placing

Siam Seng Finished 522 placing

Ken Lim Finished 671 placing

Oh finished at 737 placing

Pin at 758 placing

Boon Liang at 898 placing

Ben Lim at 951 placing

Simon finished at 992 placing

new comer Lim finished 1095 placing